About Share Pockets


Imagine having multiple pockets where you can keep separate funds for each of your goals, in multiple currencies, cryptocurrency or measured in quantity of gas or other frequently purchased item. Now imagine being able to share some of these pockets with family or friends that pool money together for a common goal!

Use it to keep track of multiple income streams, to share gas expenses, rent & utilities, pay for expenses for a business trip from a „company pocket” and for a vacation from a „family pocket”, budget events both large and small scale, and save for medium and long-term goals.


What Shared Pockets does for you

Social media login

Start using Shared Pockets with just one click by signing in through your social media accounts

Multiple Pockets and multiple Currencies

You will be able to see all the transactions you have done for each category

Share pockets

Share function allows you to add another friend or family member on any particular pocket

Export data

Your pockets’ transactions can be exported as CSV files, helping you analyze your expenses and identify ways to optimize them and save money

Pockets features

Speech to text

Saves you time for every transaction


The users you will add on your pocket will be notified and they will have the possibility to accept or decline the invitation

Archive pockets

When you no longer need a pocket you can just archive it to your account’s history


Shared Pockets is the easiest to use app of this type currently available


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